Lucas Hugh Self 03 Jul 2018

Balancing Act

In our 24-7, social-media-driven world, it can be hard to press pause. Bridget Arsenault connects with three incredibly diverse and accomplished women on how they balance it all.

Lucas Hugh Self 03 Jun 2018

Creative Reflections

From a two-time Oscar-winning costume designer to the director of an explosive documentary following Vivienne Westwood, Bridget Arsenault asks four of the film industry’s most-accomplished women to reflect on a pivotal moment in their careers.

BEAUTY EDITOR SUSANNAH TAYLOR REVEALS THE WELLBEING EXPERTS WHO HELPED HER STAY ON TOP OF HER GAME.    The boom in all things fitness and health in the last 5 years has meant a recent explosion of wellbeing ‘experts’. Thanks to social media, everyone can build a public profile now which is a wonderful empowering tool. However […]

Lucas Hugh Self 24 Apr 2018

Running Well

How keeping a regular running schedule helps journalist Rosie Green stay content.

Lucas Hugh Self 01 Apr 2018

Surface Skin

How one beauty editor realised her relationship with her skin was more than surface deep.

Lucas Hugh Self 21 Mar 2018

Mirror Mirror

Francesca White discusses how an emerging attitude to fitness is reshaping our minds as well as our bodies.