Welcome to Relationships Month on The Fit

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Editor’s Letter

Despite the less than cheerful weather London has been experiencing these first days of spring, there is a genuine sense of frivolity in the air. The days are longer, nature is blooming pink, yellow and blue and, for this weekend anyway, you are likely no further than a metre away from chocolate at any given time. If Easter is a celebration of new beginnings then April is New Year’s, except better because winter is over and no one forced you to wear a crazy hat and stay up past midnight.

So, because there is nothing like a new beginning to give you a fresh outlook on things, April is Relationships Month on The Fit – a time to reset and re-evaluate the relationships you have built not only interpersonally but with yourself, your gym kit, your daily coffee. This week, Francesca White tells how travelling solo helped her learn more about herself, Madeleine Spencer realised her relationship with her skin was more than surface deep, and Vicky Ellison talks food and wellness with Lady Emma Weymouth for her monthly High Performers column.

Enjoy while finishing off the last of the Malteser bunnies.

Anjhe Mules, Founder and Creative Director