It’s Up Your Game Month on The Fit

Editor’s Letter

My theory is that summer really begins in May.

Bookended by two bank holiday’s, May is the month where we finally clear the last of the winter fog from our lives and emerge, blinking into the (assumed) sunlight. Everyone is suddenly available for brunch or lunch or drinks on the patio to discuss plans for the forthcoming season. Where to travel, what to read, what new project to take on or exercise class to try. If April was for reassessing and resetting then May is for charging forward, which is why it is Up Your Game month on The Fit.

This week, we’re building a cultural itinerary where the only agenda is to learn something new, columnist Vicky Ellison talks with the undeniably cool and multi-talented DJ, producer, composer and artist, Mimi Xu, and we try not to panic that it’s almost halfway through the year.

Lucy Korn, Editor