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Editor’s letter

Ok, so it looks like we are on the count-down to Christmas- Thank you Oxford Street for the gleamingly obvious hint…

Which leads me to why November is the month where I start to feel that slight panic creep in. Have I achieved all my goals – both personal and professional? And if not, how am I going to tick everything off with the festive calendar getting into full swing?

Torn between wanting (or needing to) stay focused and the desire to kick up my heals and celebrate – it all comes down to commitment. Knowing your time is precious, what do you need to say yes to and what can you let go this season? To explore the concept of commitment further, I encourage you to take time for yourself and enjoy the stories and experiences of women as they attempt to tackle this themselves.

Kicking us off this week is Vicky Ellison’s interview with Carly Wilford, talented DJ, Presenter and creator of SISTER Collective, who teaches us the importance of staying committed to one’s personal goals, especially those that happened to begin with a fitness pole-dancing class…