Welcome to Back-At-It Month

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Photo by The Cut, New York Magazine

New season, new start.

However sorry I am to say it, summer is over. Gone are the 30 degree days left to laying out near turquoise pools or sapphire oceans, the never-ending rosé infused cocktails, the romances that spread across time zones and continents. It’s time to come crashing, somewhat indelicately back into life. Not that we are complaining, September has always been a time to embrace new things, new experiences, new spaces. Like the new year for those who wish it, September breaths a new air into our pre-Christmas, post-summer lives. 

So what are you embracing this season as the leaves turn yellow and brown and TV turns to gold? We’re not just excited to unpack the cashmere, dust of our boots and hunker down in front of the next best thing t0 pass our television sets, we are equally ready to dive back into work with renewed back-to-school vigour. Of course, no new year is complete without a new set of wellness resolutions, for us this means rebooting our  — to correct some of the errors made in the hight (and the heat) of summer. Eating cleaner, maybe a facial or three to extend that post-holiday glow and of course embarking on a new and improved exercise regime. Wave goodbye to the beachside/rooftop yoga and greet the hardcore, sweat it all out cardio head on – besides that’s the only way to fully embrace September as ‘back-at-it month’ on The Fit. 


Lucy Korn, Editor