Welcome to Reflections Month

Editor’s Letter

June marks two significant occurrences in the calendar, the first official day of summer (which at the time of writing looks as if it will be raining, naturally) and the years halfway point. The former is a cause for celebration, the later a potential cause for stress because, while we’ve been waiting for summer since January 2nd, it still comes as a complete shock that we are already in the 6th month of 2018. Have you gotten everything done you thought you would by now? No? Neither have I. Not even a third of the way through? Same.
But this, the incomplete, shouldn’t be our focus. Reflect back on the last 5 months, even if you haven’t made it through your entire to-do list, what have you achieved? What wins big or small should you celebrate? Because in this culture that values constant improvement, pausing to take stock is a habit we should all make – which is why we made June ‘Reflections’ month on The Fit.

This week, columnist Vicky Ellison talks overcoming perfectionism with the very inspiring Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan, Farrah Storr and journalist Bridget Arsenault asks four leading women in culture to a reflect on a moment they broke the status quo.

Lucy Korn, Editor