Lucas Hugh Performance 12 Dec 2018


“I have also learnt that it’s good for the soul to have a go at something else, and not be afraid of that skills transfer moment, because life’s really short, and in order to keep that level of energy and motivation you have to keep being hungry”

Lucas Hugh Performance 23 Nov 2018


Bridget Arsenault sits down with Eve Gabereau, who founded Modern Films, a female-driven film company with a purpose.

Lucas Hugh Performance 06 Nov 2018


“We created a movement of women stepping up and thinking that if I can do this, if I can hang upside down by just my legs, then I can go and fulfill my dreams.”

Lucas Hugh Performance 04 Oct 2018

High Performer: Rachelle Ann Go

“In the industry in the Philippines I felt a bit like a robot, they tell you what to do. At that time I didn’t think it was for me, I wanted to challenge myself more”

Lucas Hugh Performance 01 Aug 2018

The Holiday Workout

Because you should take a break from everything but your exercise regime, trust us, you’ll be thankful later.

Lucas Hugh Performance 17 Jul 2018

Fit Travel

From city breaks to mountain retreats, The Fit team recommends their favourite places and activities for fit travel.

Lucas Hugh Performance 24 Jul 2018

Run The City

New York, London, Milan, Paris. We’ve mapped out the best running routes in each of the fashion capitals to help you stay fit in the city.

Lucas Hugh Performance 13 Jul 2018

Exercise Happy

How yoga taught journalist Elizabeth Bennet the joy of exercise.

Lucas Hugh Performance 03 Jul 2018

Balancing Act

In our 24-7, social-media-driven world, it can be hard to press pause. Bridget Arsenault connects with three incredibly diverse and accomplished women on how they balance it all.

Lucas Hugh Performance 03 Jun 2018

High Performer: Farrah Storr

“There’s nothing nicer than going to bed having had quite a hard day and thinking do you know what, I’m amazing I didn’t realise I could do this.”

Lucas Hugh Performance 23 May 2018

Chelsea Rebels

Five minutes with Catherine Rice from Hackney-based florist Rebel Rebel, the creator of our dynamic, and award-winning, window display for Chelsea in Bloom. 

Lucas Hugh Performance 01 May 2018

High Performer: Mimi Xu

“I get bored if I just do one thing – there are so many layers of things you can do in life.”

Lucas Hugh Performance 24 Apr 2018

Running Well

How keeping a regular running schedule helps journalist Rosie Green stay content.

Lucas Hugh Performance 21 Mar 2018

Mirror Mirror

Francesca White discusses how an emerging attitude to fitness is reshaping our minds as well as our bodies.