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We are driven to advance the future of activewear, and that means protecting our planet and making sustainable choices for our future world. Since launching in 2010, we have sourced premium Italian fabrics to ensure designs of the highest quality that last, as well as producing in limited quantities to reduce excess. Having a positive impact on the environment is paramount to us, and we have sought our materials and packaging from companies who share our values around ethics and sustainability. Furthermore, we have carefully chosen warehouses, mills and manufacturers based on their commitment to the planet, and we continue to be driven wholeheartedly to deliver garments that stand the test of time.

Sustainable Clothing by Lucas Hugh


We spent two years researching the best technical sports manufacturers in the world before we launched, and carefully selected our partner manufacturers in Europe who champion sustainability. We have built a strong relationship with our suppliers over the last 12 years, and we are very proud that our key manufacturer in Portugal is certified in their commitment to preserving our planet - using 100% certified green energy from the sun, water, wind and organic materials. Additionally they are GOTs certified, avoid the use of chemicals, and recycle 92% of all waste - diverting tons of waste from going to landfill each year.

Crucial to their company is creating a positive and safe work environment for their staff; offering an organic canteen from local suppliers, green outdoor resting spaces for all workers to eat and take breaks, and they encourage freedom of expression and equal opportunities for all staff. Further, they have implemented regulations that all departments reduce, reuse and recycle. They use solar panels, monitor real life control and registration of their energy and water, and operate a water consumption control system and automatic irrigation system. Finally, biomass is used for heating, which is 100% natural and ecological with a neutral CO2 emission.


Since inception Lucas Hugh has been committed to using the highest quality materials. All of our materials come from Europe, with 99% from Italy and all of which follow the highest European standards for sustainability compliance. We selected mills that are driven by sustainability; and who focus on renewable electricity sources, high efficiency machines and energy reduction tools, water efficiency and purification, and heat recovery systems for central heating.

Our mills also recycle 99% of waste, place focus on planting trees and plants around the facility, and support leading conservation programs such as WWF Italy and the World Land Trust for the protection of rainforests in Argentina.

We select sustainable or recycled materials where possible, and from 2021 we plan to increase our use of these materials across all of our collections, with a focus on recycled yarns. From 2020 all of our Technical Knit will be made with Q’NOVA recycled yarns – an environmentally-sustainable nylon fibre obtained from raw materials; which meets the Global Recycled Standards and reduces the harm caused by its production.

Sustainable Clothing by Lucas Hugh


We hope your Lucas Hugh will last a lifetime and be loved forever. To ensure this, we launched our repair service in 2018 to extend the life of your pieces. If your garment gets a tear past our 1 year manufacturing warranty, we may be able to return it to our factory in Portugal for repair at a small charge.

Packaging and Warehouse

All of our packaging is recyclable, and we ask that for all returns or exchanges, guests return orders in the same packaging so we can recycle or reuse where we can.

Our new fulfilment partner Airbox will have the first carbon-neutral fulfilment site in the UK. Fully carbon-neutral during construction in 2020 with an A+ EPC energy rating, it continues to be carbon neutral-during its operations. It joins only a handle of companies to achieve an 'Excellent' BREAAM rating. This is scored not only on sustainability but the positive contribution it has on the local council. The site will be completely solar powered, with panels producing 212.10 kWp of energy, saving 93.38 tonnes of CO2 per year. Staff enjoy the benefits of e-bike and electric car charging points where even the bin stores have CO2 absorbing sedum roofs.