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Lucas Hugh Garment Warranty

Lucas Hugh Garment Warranty

Warranty Period

1 year from purchase date on or the LUCAS HUGH boutique. Proof of purchase must be submitted in order for us to verify the purchase and warranty period. 

Warranty Coverage

Examples of repair needs within warranty period

  • Re-bonding bonded seams and hems
  • Replacement of back bonded pocket
  • Replacement or re-stitching of the internal waist elastic in styles with elasticated waistband (eg. Performance V2 Leggings)
  • Re-stitching the inner leg seam

Warranty Exemptions

LUCAS HUGH reserves the right not to repair your product if we find upon further inspection the item cannot be repaired, and/or an original receipt is not provided.

LUCAS HUGH defines wear and tear as damage that naturally and inevitably occurs as a result of normal wear and/or ageing. Damage from wear and tear will not be covered.

We reserve the right to charge for a repair if upon further inspection the garment appears not to be covered by the product warranty. In this case, we will contact the customer to advise the final price before proceeding with any repair.

Examples of Exemptions

  • Damage caused by misuse, abuse, or by accident or negligence, this includes but is not exclusive to fabric tears.
  • Failure to provide proof of purchase, e.g credit card receipt, invoice or online order confirmation email
  • Failure to observe care instructions including incorrect laundering.
  • For damages that have occurred after the warranty period, LUCAS HUGH is not able to replace or offer complimentary repairs. Customers are able to request repairs at their own cost.
  • Products purchased through non authorised dealers (for example, third-party auction sites and/or marketplaces.)