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High Performer: Lady Emma Weymouth

Anjhe Mules in Performance - 17 Apr 2019

Join columnist Vicky Ellison every month as she meets with inspiring women from the worlds of wellness, business, fashion and art to bring you a snapshot of their story and advice to take into your day.


Within minutes we’ve discussed a manner of topics from hippos in the snow at Longleat, to walking in the recent D&G show in Milan – such is the varied life that Lady Emma Weymouth leads. "It’s a full schedule, no question, but I like it," she says with a smile.

We’re speaking mid-blizzard, Emma snowed in at Longleat and me at home post-flu. She quickly offers her go-to ginger tea recipe, and it’s apparent that this generous spirit of sharing is from where many of her work ventures have stemmed.

Emma grew up baking with her mum. She became curious about nutrition in her teems through efforts to improve her skin and began sharing recipes as her passion for ingredients grew. She went on to present for the Food Network and developed her own platform.

Her enjoyment of food is palpable, seeing food as central to wellness. It’s clearly central to her personal relationships too as she talks excitedly about baking carrot cakes for friends and cooking with her children.

Living by the tagline she coined over 10 years ago, Moderation, not Deprivation, Emma balances food with a healthy love of exercise.

Despite core muscle challenges post-partum needing continual focus, she’s proudly "fitter now than I have been in my entire life. Having a baby made me appreciate my body (so much more) in terms of what it can do".

Dedicating at least 30 minutes to training 6 times a week, from Tabata sessions to treadmill or barre classes, Emma feels that high-intensity training ‘gives you confidence and strength beyond just the gym. You feel much more capable when you challenge yourself, you then realise how strong you are… it makes you feel able to cope with everything else’.

Emma’s devotion to her passions is infectious. Giving credit to supportive relationships with her husband, mother, sister, children and teams at work; her generosity shines through like the love she puts into her home-cooked meals.