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Train Clean

Anjhe Mules in Style - 03 Sep 2018

Gym make-up is a hot topic amongst my girlfriends. Would you, wouldn’t you, a little here, no not even a touch there…hours have been lost deep in discussion I tell you. Perhaps it’s the beauty editor in me, but wearing makeup to the gym has always been a bugbear of mine. Even if my class falls at the end of the day, a quick once-over (or maybe twice, double cleanse and all) with my face wash, is a must.

I’ve never really preached to others about ‘training clean’ until I was given the task to write this piece. I started thinking about it more so than ever before, and when you do, trust me you second guess why you’d ever wear slap to sweat. You’re practically shielding your skin with layers of products when all it wants to do is breath a happy dance of the day's toxins. Spots and breakouts, of course, they’d be inevitable, not to mention mascara halfway down your face.

But if you're not comfortable going completely bare, follow these top tips:

/ Keep it light - especially your moisturiser. Anything too thick, greasy or oily with only lead to breakouts. CliniqueFit Post-Workout Mattifying Moisturizer (£26) keeps oil at bay with an 8-hour promise.

/ Enhance alternative features…like your brows. SportFX Shape Up Brow Pencil, (£7.99) won't drip or slip no matter how many burpees you push through.

/ Prevent shine - if you avoid group exercising because your face turns a sweet shade of tomato try Murad Mattieffect Blotting Perfector Mattifier, (£32) - it reduces flushing, fast.

/ Invest in a great mascara- fibre formulas tend to stay put much more so than any waterproof version I’ve tried. Kevyn Aucoin, The Volume Mascara (£23) requires a dousing of warm water to remove, and your good to go.