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Welcome To Out Of The Office Month

Anjhe Mules in Contributors - 01 Aug 2018



The UK is in the middle of, weatherwise anyway, one of the sunniest summers on record and as a perennially rainy country, everyone is at once unsettled and ecstatic. Torn between climate change concern and the want to get out and enjoy the somehow endless sun we have added a further layer of anxiety to already anxious times. This month is OOO month on The Fit not just because it’s August and it seems just about everyone you email has theirs on, but also because we all need a holiday. Whether it’s long-haul, short-haul or no-haul make like the rest of them set your out of office on and leave your anxieties at the door. Just remember to refuse the plastic straw in your 3 PM mojito.

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Lucy Korn, Editor